Project Description

From the very beginning, Roll-A-Ramp® has been about solving problems. The company founder, Donald J. Schmaltz, wanted to design a portable, lightweight ramp that would make people’s lives and work safer and easier. Schmaltz sketched a rough design on paper and spent a year developing wooden models finally deciding that he had a product worth exploring further.

With grant support from the Center for Innovation at the University of North Dakota and additional investment from Thomas E. Kenville, and Dr. Joseph Stanislao, Schmaltz created a prototype and conducted a market survey that revealed a strong interest in durable, portable ramps that can be easily stored and transported.

Roll-A-Ramp® is a product of North Dakota. The story of Roll-A-Ramp® is tied to hard work and American ingenuity – two values central to North Dakota and the spirit of pioneers, entrepreneurs, and inventors that make this state and country great.