Project Description

Weapon Depot embraces that freedom in a whole new caliber of online buying and selling delivering the freedom of more selection, the freedom to reach more buyers, and the freedom for buyers and sellers to have an open line of communication for seamless transactions.

More than an auction site and more than an online store, Weapon Depot is a marketplace providing the greatest platform for like-minded enthusiasts to connect and to safely buy and sell firearms, ammunition, parts and accessories as well as hunting, camping, archery, fishing, and tactical gear.

With no start-up fees, sellers can open a store today with zero hidden fees. With thousands of vendors, buyers can find what they’re looking for every day.
With a social component not available anywhere else, buyers can follow their favorite vendors, ask questions, and get the answers they need to make sound purchasing decisions. Weapon Depot improves the online buying & selling process by making the communication between buyers & sellers easier.